EMOS Framework API Documentation

EMOS Framework is, technically seen, an environment for development of automated WinRunner tests.


Framework Core
ddt This package contains libraries that implement custom routines for access and navigation through ddt_ tables.
frm This package contains core elements of EMOS Framework logic.
std This package contains standard utility functions wich are distributed with EMOS Framework.

Template Project
frm.tpl.scripts Package (i.e. directory) "Scripts" contains all WinRunner scripts and GUI-Maps for this project.
frm.tpl.scripts.drv This package contains all EMOS Framework test drivers for this project.
frm.tpl.scripts.lib.frm This package contains only EMOS Framework-specific libraries.

Other Packages


EMOS Framework is, technically seen, an environment for development of automated WinRunner tests. This environment is particularily suitable for systematical developmet of complex GUI-based tests with strong suport for involvment of non-technical people in the test automation process.

EMOS Framework is from the conceptual point of view an extremely pragmatic approach to design of test cases. This approach is based on a special way of modelling application's GUI and on the reduction of operations that can be performed on it such as "setting" and "checking" the properties/content of GUI elements. It is impressive how many important testing tasks can be solved with simple means. EMOS Framework proves it over and over again.

During design of EMOS Framework special care has been taken to allow involvment of non-technical people into design of automated test cases. We aproach this chalenge by creating the very flexible technical core of the system (which is usually maintained by a single person or only a few specialists even for the very big sytems) and providing a simple "programmatic" interface to it.

The EMOS Framework documentation (this ocument) have been produced from the comments in the source code. We have used our utility WrDoc and Together® to produce this documentation. This is the reason why it is so Java-like. We hope you will find it useful. Sincerely, your EMOS team @