Package frm

This package contains core elements of EMOS Framework logic.


Script Summary
emos_frm_driver This test processes the test suite table.
emos_frm_driver_lib The library routines for the EMOS_FRM_driver test.
emos_frm_driver_retry_lib The library containing routines that enable EMOS_FRM_driver to retry failed tests.
emos_frm_gui_funcs This script defines function prototypes for selected public functions.
emos_frm_gui_lib This library implements the "essence" of EMOS test design strategy.
emos_frm_lib This library provides the low-level interface to data tables.
emos_frm_result_lib Simple routines for calculating test statistics.
emos_frm_stp_lib Defines an interface for efficient creation of test cases unsing the FRM data tables.
emos_frm_tbl_lib This libary provides a family of functions for support of table GUI objects.
emos_frm_web_lib This library extends the functionality of EMOS_FRM_GUI_Lib with web functionality.

Package frm Description

This package contains core elements of EMOS Framework logic. The numerous functions are organised in several libraries. The following naming convention for libraries has been applied: <vendor>_<package>_<name>_lib