Script kickoff_old_style


This is an example of a script that triggers the processing of a test suite table (hence "kickoff").


By default this suite executes the table defined in the script (you must read the code to find out which one). Productive suites should be kept stable and under version control (i.e. read-only). They should define the complete set of tests for the particular test purpose. Ensuring that suite tables are kept up to date will allow you to see what was intended with the test suite at any point in time.

During the development of the test suite or in a multi-user environment it is however often needed to execute only portions of the whole test suite. One way to achieve this is by creating individual suite table and play with it instead of constantly changing the production suite.

You can redirect this script to use your private table by allocating the environment variable MY_SUITE and assiging the appropriate value to it (the name of your suite table relative to the DATA_HOME directory, e.g. mysuite.xls). You must remove the variable when you are ready to execute the real suite.