EMOS Framework

EMOS Framework is a simple yet powerful environment for development of automated WinRunner® tests. Like most frameworks of this sort EMOS Framework separates test data from the test code in order to simplify and speed up test development, increase robustness of the produced solution, empower non-programmers towards test automation, etc. However, EMOS Framework does this in a rather unique way which (in my oppinion) distinguishes it from other frameworks.

EMOS Framework is designed for WinRunner® -- the GUI test tool made by Mercury Inc. It is almost completely written in WinRunenr's own scripting language, TSL. For this reason the only tool that is required is WinRunner itself. However, Excel® is strongly recommended as it is generally more suitable for management of complex test data than the WinRunner's built-in data tables.



Getting Started

  1. Unzip the EMOS Framework Core in <wr-install-dir>\lib directory. Actually, you can unzip it anywhere but you will then have to adjust startup scripts in all demo projects.
  2. Unzip the "HelloWorldDemo" project in a directory of your choice (say "C:\Work") and follow the readme.html.
  3. Unzip the "FlightDemo" project in a directory of your choice (say "C:\Work") and follow the readme.html. You should spend some time with this project. Start by looking at Data\suite.xls and then analyse individual test tables. Compare the approaches taken in simple_way.xls and in structured_way. Big projects are usually easier to handle with the structured approach.
  4. ... more to come about EMOS Framework tools ...

Further resources

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